December 18, 2007 Performance engineering specialist BERU f1systems has provided a glimpse of its intriguing new project - the Factor 001 bicycle. Best known for its involvement in Formula 1 racing and as a supplier for supercars like the Bugatti Veyron, the company's latest innovation rolls advanced electronics into a high-tech package that includes carbon chassis, ceramic brakes and bespoke drivetrain. Marked by square, clean lines and its completely metallic finish, the prototype is designed primarily as an advanced training tool, with stored biometric data such as heart and respiration rate available for downloaded for post-training analysis.

The prototype was displayed at the recent BRDC awards luncheon in London where BERU f1systems was sponsoring the Graham Hill Trophy, an award won by Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton, who will receive a Factor 001 bicycle in conjunction with the trophy.

Details are scant ahead of the planned launch in early 2008 but pricing is expected to be over the £10,000 mark - more with the optional cardio electronics. Stay tuned to Gizmag to learn more as specifics emerge or register at to receive updates.

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