The much-anticipated video game Fallout 4 was released earlier this week, and German cyber-weapons builder Patrick Priebe hasn't missed a beat. He's already created an AER 9 pulse laser rifle, based on the gun from the game. It's not just a prop, either – he tells us that it "will blast the paint off your car, and tiny holes into metal."

The 8-kg (17.6-lb) aluminum-bodied weapon utilizes a voltage converter to boost the 12.6-volt output of a 3-cell lithium-polymer battery up to 400 volts. That current is dumped into two onboard capacitors, which then discharge it in a single short blast into a flashlamp which is located in a mirrored chamber.

The result is a 4-nanosecond pulse of 100,000-watt infrared laser light, which is emitted in a beam that passes through two lenses on the front of the rifle. Although Priebe claims it's "not enough to kill a man," it will certainly mark up carbon steel or even tungsten.

Some of its other features include LEDs that transition from red to green as the capacitors are charging, a grey paint job to match the gun in the game, and a wooden front grip that's purposely been chipped to give it the well-used look.

For more details and to see the AER 9 in action, check out the following video.

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