Patrick Priebe

  • Gamers will no doubt be familiar with the concussion rifle used by the aliens in the Halo games. Well, as has been the case with some other guns from games, cyberpunk weapons tinkerer Patrick Priebe recently made a real-life functioning replica of it.​
  • ​BB guns and crossbows are two different things … right? Well, not if you're German weapons-tinkerer Patrick Priebe. Drawing on the design of his previously-made DIY airsoft rifle, he has now created a crossbow that shoots BBs.
  • Batman v Superman is due to hit theaters soon, and is so often the case with upcoming superhero movies, it's inspired German cyberweapons hobbyist Patrick Priebe to make something – a weaponized Batman gauntlet.​
  • ​Fans of Batman will be familiar with the batarang, a bat-shaped throwing weapon that Mr. Wayne uses to subdue his foes. In the trailer for the new film Batman v Superman, he uses a variant that can be folded up when not in use. Patrick Priebe saw it, and decided to make one of his own.​
  • A lot of people are getting excited about a special day that's coming up … that's right, we're talking about Dec. 17th, the opening day of Star Wars - The Force Awakens. In honor of the event, German laser-tinkerer Patrick Priebe has created a "working" model of the original Death Star.
  • ​The much-anticipated video game Fallout 4 was released earlier this week, and German cyber-weapons builder Patrick Priebe hasn't missed a beat. He's already created an AER 9 pulse laser rifle, which he tells us "will blast the paint off your car, and tiny holes into metal."​
  • ​In honour of the soon-to-be-released new James Bond film Spectre, our techno-weapons-tinkerin' friend Patrick Priebe has created something else that you should never try building at home. It's a working plasma "cannon" disguised as a digital watch.
  • While a lot of gamers are eagerly anticipating the release of Fallout 4, not all of them have developed a functioning weapon inspired by the Fallout universe. Cyberweapons hobbyist Patrick Priebe has done just that, however, creating a one-off lighter fluid-fueled rifle.
  • German cyberweapons hobbyist Patrick Priebe is apparently a big fan of Iron Man. Previously, he's created a laser gauntlet and a rocket-launching gauntlet based on those worn by the superhero. Now, he's built a one-off dual-laser Iron Man glove, complete with sound effects and a "shell" ejector.
  • The ability to view video from a quadcopter's camera is certainly a handy feature, but let's be honest – a lot of people think, "Wouldn't be great if I could use this to shoot at stuff?". Well, cyberpunk weapons tinkerer Patrick Priebe has adapted a drone so it can do just that – using a laser.
  • Laser weapons hobbyist Patrick Priebe is no stranger to building functioning versions of guns from video games. Recently, he received a number of requests to create something from League of Legends. The result, the Jinx character's zapper pistol, could certainly be described as "electrifying."
  • Fans of The Simpsons may recall an episode in which Homer decides to become an inventor. Among his questionable creations is an electric hammer. Well, German DIY-guy Patrick Priebe recently made a real-life version of that hammer which actually works ... sort of.
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