German cyberweapons hobbyist Patrick Priebe is apparently a big fan of Iron Man. Previously, he's created a laser gauntlet and a rocket-launching gauntlet based on those worn by the superhero. Now, he's built a one-off dual-laser Iron Man glove, complete with sound effects and a "shell" ejector.

The user starts by flipping the device's main switch to "charge" its two lasers – actually, this just causes it make a cool charging-up noise, plus it causes a ring of five bright LEDs surrounding the palm laser to illuminate. Pressing one of three buttons on a wired separate controller then raises a hatch on top of the glove. Subsequently pressing another one of those buttons fires an 800-mW red burning laser housed within that hatch.

For more serious tasks (such as burning pieces of wood), the user can activate the glove's 3,000-mW blue palm-mounted laser by flexing their wrist to push on a built-in pressure plate.

But getting back to the top laser ... In the original Avengers movie, Iron Man had a burning laser that shot rapid bursts of intense laser light pulses. It would burn out after one use, however, and was then ejected like a spent traditional ammo shell.

Given that we never really get to see that shell in the movie, Priebe has imagined it as a flat aluminum slug. It's loaded into a spring-tensioned slot, then subsequently ejected by pressing the third of the three control buttons.

The glove itself is made mainly from aluminum and brass, and Priebe tells us that it took him approximately three weeks to build. It can be seen (and heard) in use, in the video below.

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