DIY Iron Man gauntlet launches actual rockets

DIY Iron Man gauntlet launches...
Patrick Priebe's rocket-launching Iron Man gauntlet
Patrick Priebe's rocket-launching Iron Man gauntlet
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Patrick Priebe's rocket-launching Iron Man gauntlet
Patrick Priebe's rocket-launching Iron Man gauntlet

By now, many regular Gizmag readers will be familiar with German cyberpunk weapons-hobbyist Patrick Priebe. We've featured a number of his one-off DIY creations before, including an Iron Man-inspired laser gauntlet. Well, now he's created another Iron Man gauntlet, although instead of just a burning laser, this one launches real rockets – and Priebe has already managed to hurt himself with the thing.

This latest device is modeled after one that appeared in Iron Man 3, and features an all-aluminum body finished in a gloss red/matte gold paint job. Patrick tells us that the painting process took two days, as it involved applying a layer of primer and a layer of filler, doing a lot of sanding, followed by a white base coat, a coat of chrome, two layers of candy red, and finally a layer of clear coat.

It's activated by two buttons on the inside of its hand section. Pressing one causes the rocket launcher to rise up or down from the main gauntlet, while pressing the other actually fires it. It utilizes a modified store-bought model rocket, that "goes bang" on heavy impact.

An aiming laser shows users more or less where the rocket is likely to go, plus (for those situations where a rocket isn't necessary) there's a burning laser built into the palm of the hand section.

Priebe says that it took about 250 hours to build, and as with his previous creations, he won't make the device for others or provide them with plans. In this particular case, perhaps he shouldn't have even made the one for himself – when testing it in a short-sleeved shirt, the rocket left a nasty 4-inch (10-cm) long line of burn spots along his upper arm.

You can see the gauntlet in action, in the video below.

Source: Laser Gadgets by Patrick Priebe

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The Skud
He should have wondered why Iron Man wears 'iron man' gauntlets up his arm as part of his 'iron man' suit!! NOW he knows! That rocket propulsion exhaust has to go somewhere - LOL
Stuart Wilshaw
A case of dumkopf und blitzen.
Sound like he overlooked something folks who play with rockets need to keep in mind. As Skud said the exhaust has to go somewhere so an exhaust diverter is essential.