Batman v Superman is due to hit theaters soon, and is so often the case with upcoming superhero movies, it's inspired German cyberweapons hobbyist Patrick Priebe to make something. While he's built an Iron Man gauntlet in the past, that wouldn't be appropriate this time – so he's made a weaponized Batman gauntlet instead.

Priebe tells us that although the gauntlet is inspired by the new film, its red bits are actually a nod to the Batman Beyond cartoon series from about 10 years ago. So, what does it do?

First of all, a hand-activated electric actuator triggers three spring-loaded aluminum blades on the side to pop out, ready to dispatch wrong-doers.

Another actuator triggers a single aluminum blade that slides straight out the back, inspired by a weapon in the game Deus Ex. "Some guys will always try from behind, so I thought it's a cool feature," says Patrick. And in case it all seems a little unsettling, he also tells us that none of the blades are actually that sharp – everything is more for looks than anything else.

Finally, the gauntlet also has a spring-loaded catapult that launches little steel batarang-style discs. As can be seen in the video below, the Joker (in the form of a melon) doesn't stand a chance against it.

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