Laser weapons hobbyist Patrick Priebe is no stranger to building functioning versions of guns from video games. Recently, he received a number of requests to create something from the game League of Legends. The result, the Jinx character's zapper pistol, could certainly be described as "electrifying."

The zapper features a rosewood grip, white and blue LEDs in the barrel, and blue LEDs farther back. Other parts are made from gold-painted aluminum, and gold ol' steampunky brass.

Pulling its trigger activates a balloon-popping/hole-burning 1.6-watt blue laser, along with a "lightning-in-a-jar"-type feature in the rear. The latter is made from a flash tube of the type used in studio photo flashes, filled with xenon gas. When voltage is applied, the arcing electrical "streamers" are the result.

Everything is powered by a single 14500-type 600-mAh li-ion battery, located in a hollowed-out space within the grip. Priebe tells us that it provides "Just enough juice" to power the gun.

While Patrick made this particular gun mainly for his own amusement, he says that it is the type of thing that he will build to order for customers. You can see it in use, in the video below.

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