While a lot of gamers are eagerly anticipating the release of Fallout 4, not all of them have been moved to develop a functioning weapon inspired by the Fallout universe. German cyberweapons hobbyist Patrick Priebe has done just that, however, creating a one-off lighter fluid-fueled rifle ... that shoots foam earplugs.

Based on the form of a classic Henry repeating rifle, Priebe's firearm is made mainly from aluminum and brass. It also incorporates an inexpensive cigarette lighter and a green aiming laser.

Squeezing the trigger part way causes lighter fluid gas to flow from the lighter into the transparent Plexiglass combustion chamber, while switching on the gun's air pump delivers air into that chamber. Pulling the trigger the rest of the way subsequently activates an electrical arc in the chamber, igniting the fluid/air mix and blasting an earplug out of the barrel. Racking the gun's hand lever then causes a fresh earplug to be loaded from the magazine.

People imagining going into battle with the rifle should be aware that it can only hold four plugs at a time. If desired, however, its regular foam earplugs can be replaced with ones that are stuffed into a short length of aluminum tube and tipped with a sharp metal point, adding a bit more punch.

It can be seen in target-shooting action, in the video below.

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