If walking, jogging or biking doesn’t quite tempt you back into nature, perhaps the freedom of bouncing and jumping along a seemingly endless trampoline road might just inspire the child within. “Fast Track” is designed to do exactly that. Stretching across 51 meters (167 ft), this trampoline road installation located in the Nikola-Lenivets forest, Russia, offers visitors a unique chance to jump and play.

We’ve recently seen a some interesting trampoline reinvention concepts, the SMB Trampoline modulus and the trampoline bridge automatically spring to mind, however the Fast Track concept has definitely left the drawing board – it was a main attraction during this year’s creative Archstoyanie Festival.

Created by Estonian architectural studio Salto, the Fast Track goes beyond blends into its surroundings as a very inclusive work of landscape architecture. During the Archstoyanie Festival the trampoline road was used by visitors as a fun and fast way to get from one end of the park to the other. At night time it was transformed into a unique performing arts platform.

“It is somewhere in between being an attraction and an installation,” Salto architect Karli Luik told Humans Invent. “I think most of the people enjoyed it very much … Even older people and those who weren’t in very good shape were using it, because it is a lot of fun.”

If you missed the festival there’s still time to get your jumping shoes on, as the Fast Track trampoline road will remain a permanent attraction at the Nikola-Lenivets forest.

Photos: Andrej Yagubskij, Nikita Šohov, Alan Vouba & Karli Luik

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