Modular trampoline builds into a bouncy playground

Modular trampoline builds into...
The Trampoline Modulus Big Rallye
The Trampoline Modulus Big Rallye
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The Trampoline Modulus Big Rallye
The Trampoline Modulus Big Rallye
Trampoline Modulus Loop
Trampoline Modulus Loop

As fun as the trampoline is, it's but a small oasis of bounce in a world ruled by rigid ground. The SMB Trampoline modulus finds out what happens when you expand the trampoline into entire networks. What happens is a lot more bouncy fun.

After 20 years in the trampoline business, SMB Seilspielgerate GmbH Berlin has realized that the trampoline would be more fun if it was bigger – a lot bigger. The Trampoline modulus system starts with three trampoline building blocks – a square and two types of elbows. Each single block could presumably serve as its own small trampoline, but the real magic in the modulus system is in its ability to build into large, custom-designed trampolines. When connected, single blocks grow into springy networks - walkways, loops, figure 8s, etc.

Using the Trampoline modulus, municipalities and schools could build full trampoline parks and play areas, creating a new type of exercise and amusement for children. And those with the room and money could build such super-trampolines at home.

Besides just plain fun, the modulus trampoline can serve as a means of exercise and training. SMB mentions that modulus designs can help children with balance, rhythm and teamwork. A sprawling trampoline complex also seems like one of the few things that might just motivate children to drop the joystick and head outdoors.

Trampoline Modulus Loop
Trampoline Modulus Loop

SMB offers both individual building blocks and pre-designed kits like the Big Rallye (pictured), which it says can accommodate up to 33 hop-hungry kids. The blocks do not require a foundation and install directly into the ground. The in-ground components are galvanized and corrosion resistant.

The Trampoline modulus earned an honorable mention in the 2012 Red Dot Award design competition.

Source: Red Dot

Max Kennedy
fractures, contusion and grief waiting to happen!
Bill Bennett
spot on Max!
Justin Schetrompf
Yes true, but that's part of growing up and being a kid of any age. Bounce on!
now if you have large square trampolines with these connecting them...
I have a 10' backyard trampoline with safety mesh, and we get in there 2 at a time (against the rules) so we can chase each other, that is a lot of fun - it is so much fun! I can use my body weight to bounce the smaller kids high in the sky, having the mesh has proven very good safety more than once. It's also fun to jump alone and practice flips and things, but not as much fun as playing with somebody else at the same time. At the kid's gymnastics club they have a big long trampoline, at least 40' long, surrounded by foamy crash pads, and all the kids get in a line and chase each other doinging bounces and stunts. They'll get about a dozen kids bouncing around on that at the same time, all in a row. But like any toy, you can only play on something like this for a maximum of 1/2 hour or so and then you want to do something different. That's why we also have bikes and we go do bicycle playground tours. So we'll go ride around from one playground to the next, switching when we get tired of the current one, because all the playgrounds seem to have different activities. Like one has tires to climb on, another has a big swing, another has a climbing wall, another has a tall slide and overhead sliding trolley, another has a jeep structure and you can pretend to drive in traffic and crashing through sand dunes, another has a jungle gym composed of fibre cords and you can climb to the top or hang upside down, another has a merry-go-around. You need a springy crash pad under the climbing wall and other jungle equipment, I'm sure the same technology would be adequate surrounding the trampoline. But some teenager could slice it with a knive or burn it with a lighter or otherwise wreck it, so that's kind of a drag. Or a dog could soil it. Or you could find snakes have taken up residence underneath it. There are a lot of ways it could go wrong, I guess.