Among the reasons that some people give for not using bicycle helmets is the claim that they take up too much room in a bag when taken off … but a group of Manhattan-based entrepreneurs are out to change that. Their currently-crowdfunding Fend helmet folds down like an accordion when not in use, reportedly taking up two-thirds less space than when opened up and strapped to the user's head.

Like most bike helmets, the Fend features an ABS hard outer shell, an impact-absorbing expanded polypropene core, and a plush interior lining.

Its "ribs" are linked together via metal-fixture-secured nylon straps, and click into the open configuration using a proprietary joint system – this means that users shouldn't have to worry about the helmet accidentally folding up while they're wearing it, or upon impacts.

Although final testing can't be carried out until the helmet reaches full production, its designers claim that it's designed to exceed US CPSC and European EN 1078 safety standards.

Should you be interested in getting one, the Fend is presently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of US$79 will get you one, assuming all goes according to plans. The retail price will be $120.

It should be noted that Carrera already makes a similar helmet, albeit one that perhaps doesn't fold down by quite as much. For other approaches to folding bike helmets, check out the overade, Morpher, Fuga and Headkayse.

Source: Kickstarter

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