Fender has introduced an online tool that allows musicians to customize a new build to match their individual needs, and then have it built and shipped out within a month. Players can choose from a Telecaster or Stratocaster six-string or a Precision or Jazz four-string, and then dive into more than 70,000 design options available across the Fender Mod Shop suite for an instrument tailored to their own look, feel and sound requirements.

Fender's new online design studio is powered by the Fluid Configure 3.0 software platform and gives buyers the chance to modify up to eight features on a custom Telecaster guitar, nine on a Stratocaster, and five each on the Precision and Jazz bass model options. The rendered designed can be viewed from all angles during the virtual build process.

A buyer starts by selecting one of the four base models in left- or right-handed configurations. Body, neck and fingerboard options can then be chosen, followed by hardware, color combinations and pickup selections.

When a dream guitar has been virtually created in the digital store, the design is sent to Fender's factory in California and made for real, then shipped to the customer within 30 days.

Base models start at US$1,649.99, with final pricing determined by model and selected mods. The video below briefly introduces the custom build service.

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