San Francisco architectural firm SpaceFlavor has given tiny living a Feng Shui makeover with its prefabricated mobile cube. The eight-foot (2.4-meter) cube was commissioned for Feng Shui expert Liu Ming, and includes an office, bed, storage and meditation space. Drawing from the Chinese principles of Yin (private and closed) and Yang (public and open), the mobile dwelling was designed to modestly accommodate Ming’s personal activities such as study, meditation and sleep.

The versatile cube loft features a steel frame and plywood furnishings, and comes compactly packed to fit through a standard three-foot (0.9-meter) wide door. It can then be easily assembled on-site within two days using regular tools. The design features a simple staircase that conceals storage drawers and provides access to the upper meditation or tea ceremony zone.

The front lower section features a simple and clean open office space with cabinets and a central shoji screen, allowing natural light to enter the workspace. On the reverse side of the office a snug sleeping zone is revealed, featuring a single bed and simple shelving for books or other personal belongings.

The four corner-based wheels allow the loft cube to be repositioned easily around the room to create more space, or in Ming's case, to be aligned with the different phases of the moon. Furthermore, translucent roller shades allow each section of the cube to be closed off completely.

“It manifests the fundamental principle of Feng Shui: ever-changing and rebalancing of Yin and Yang,” says SpaceFlavor.

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