No matter how large the pile of money you're sitting on, Ferrari is always willing to relieve you of it, with a series of road cars for the casual user that extends upwards to ultra-exclusives like this. The FXX-K Evo is a "laboratory on wheels" that took a whole year in the wind tunnel to tune up, and it's outrageous.

We're not quite sure who drove the exquisite LaFerrari hybrid and decided it wasn't enough, but we have that discerning driver to thank for the ridiculous FXX-K track-only monster, all 1,035 horsepower of it. A technology test-bed on wheels, the FXX-K features a jazzed-up 6.3-liter V12 engine making 848 horses to the LaFerrari's 789, as well as a Formula One-style KERS system to top up the batteries for a further 187 horsepower from its electric motor.

Lord only knows what they cost; only 40 were ever made. They were the definition of exclusive.

At the time, the FXX-K was described as "completely uncompromising," which seemed pretty fair to us. But somebody, in their wisdom, has decided that completely was not uncompromising enough. So, just in time for the Finali Mondiali at Mugello over the weekend, the company has released something even more extreme.

Meet the FXX-K Evo. A "closed-wheel laboratory car" to be sold in even more limited numbers, or as an upgrade for existing FXX-K owners. The Evo doesn't get any upgrades to its already-upgraded powertrain. This one's all about aerodynamics.

The FXX-K's signature side fins are gone, replaced by a big ol' fixed wing to complement the active spoiler. There's a shark fin-style slash down the middle of it too, to increase stability and hold up three odd-looking vortex generators. These triangular additions clean up the airflow that comes over the bonnet off the hot radiators, and direct air optimally to the fixed wing, giving it some 10 percent more downforce.

Another 5 percent of extra downforce comes from a reworked rear bumper that helps send a cleaner flow to the diffusers.

With so much extra force pushing down on the back of the car, the front end needed a good kick in the pants as well. Look at these wicked little "flicks" under the headlights, echoing the look of those rear vortex generators. Speaking of those, there's another set on the undertray.

The whole shebang took a year's worth of expensive wind tunnel to design and tune, including changing the behavior of the active spoiler to take advantage of new conditions generated by the wing and vortex generators.

Then, since this car makes about 23 percent more downforce than the FXX-K (which itself makes a huge 75 percent more than the LaFerrari) the suspension was redesigned to work with up to 830 kilos more weight on it (that would be the downforce at the Evo's top speed, and it's quite a bit to have resting on your back).

The lucky handful of gazillionaires who get their mitts on one of these things will also enjoy a new steering wheel that's a bit more Formula One-like, with shift paddles and KERS buttons, and a slightly larger 6.5-inch video screen to the right of the dash.

There was no price tag on the FXX-K, and there'll be no price tag on the FXX-K Evo. To ask would be crass, despite the sheer, tarmac-gouging petrol-headedness of the thing. Expect the price to include storage, transport and a team of technicians who can tune and tweak it when you're going out on track, and tut disapprovingly when you sticky tape the license plates from your Camry on it and try to get away with a quick road jaunt to take your mum around the block.

Source: Ferrari

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