As if the LaFerrari needed to be made any more an object of desire, Ferrari has now released images of a new soft-top version of its hybrid hypercar. The new limited edition special series is aimed at clients and collectors and was sold out even before it was publicly revealed.

Few details have been released about the new version of the car, with its name and technical characteristics due to be announced when it debuts at the Paris Motor Show. The number of units that Ferrari plans to build will also be revealed in Paris.

What we do know is that the convertible LaFerrari will be available with a carbon-fiber hard-top and a soft-top and that it retains the 800-hp V12 engine and the 120-kW (161-hp) electric motor of the original version. The performance figures, too, remain unchanged, with a total system output of 963 hp (718 kW).

Modifications have, of course, been made to the chassis, so that it retains the same torsional rigidity and beam stiffness as the coupé version, while accommodating the roof cut-out. There have been modifications to the car's aerodynamics too, with the aim of developing the same drag coefficient despite the lack of roof.

If you want to buy one of the drop-top LaFerraris, though, we're afraid it's already too late. Ferrari ran a special pre-announcement preview for clients and every one that will be produced has already been sold and the order book closed.

The Paris Motor Show, where the drop-top LaFerrari will be unveiled, will run from October 1 to 16. Ferrari hasn't yet revealed how much customers have paid for their special editions, but you can safely file it under "eye-watering."

Source: Ferrari

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