While the Pininfarina concept tractor we covered a couple of weeks ago is notable only for its supercar-esque looks, this one's got some pretty remarkable practical capabilities.

Built by Ferrari – not that Ferrari, the other Ferrari that builds tractors – the Sky Jump V95 Dualsteer has a set of pneumatic wheels at the front, a set of rubber caterpillar tracks at the back. These tracks make it brilliant for steep or slippery terrain, where a regular tractor might struggle for traction – Ferrari claims up to 60 percent more grip than a regular tractor. In fact it's called the Sky Jump because it's built to tackle hills so steep that the driver can't see anything but sky out the window.

In order to tighten up its turning circle, Ferrari has fitted the V95 with dual steering that brings it to a 60-degree steering angle and a turning circle as tight as a regular tractor.

The Sky Jump's tracks are far friendlier to the ground than regular tractor tyres; they crush the ground a lot less by spreading the tractor's weight across a wider footprint. And they don't slow it down too much, either – it's road registerable and capable of about 40km/h (25 mph) on the road when you plant your muddy gumboot and unleash all 91 horsepower and 420 Nm of torque from its 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine.

Source: Ferrari Agri

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