It isn't hard to imagine how useful Google Glass could be. But so far that usefulness has been mostly limited to our imaginations. That's party because very few people own the wearable device, but it's also because its pre-launch laundry list of capabilities is still pretty short. However, a new port of the iOS and Android app Field Trip gives us a clearer glimpse of just how much of an impact Glass could have on our lives ... for better or worse.

Field Trip looks like it could be a killer app for Google Glass. The app taps into a database of location-based landmarks, ranging from the historical kind to the diner kind. When you're near something interesting, it pops up a card with some basic information about the landmark.

In the video embedded below, we see a group of hip 20-something friends (isn't that always who stars in these videos?) go on a road trip. Our Glass-wearing protagonist receives notification cards about everything from hot air balloons to bike rental shops to natural geysers. Naturally, his augmented reality ultimately helps him to score a sweet date with the cutie pie he's been exchanging smiles with along the way.


As much as we like the smartphone version of Field Trip, we're going to hold back our praise for the Glass version until we get a hands-on. First, the iOS and Android version has been known to be a battery hog. When you add it to Glass, which (at least in its pre-release form) already reportedly has sketchy battery life, well, then you'd better complete that road trip in three hours or less.

It's also still hard to get past the fact that Glass makes you look like a distant cousin of Geordi Laforge. Notice that, in the video, nobody but our hero is wearing Glass (and he's almost exclusively viewed from a first-person perspective). If his love interest was also wearing Glass, would we just find the whole thing creepy and inhuman?

There are other questions posed by this otherwise compelling video. Can you really have such a Google Glass road trip while still fully experiencing the day? Might it disconnect you from those very surroundings you're researching? And isn't it a bit unsettling that nobody in the group seems to mind that our cyborg hero is filming their every move? Questions like these may surround Glass until we know whether it's the next iPhone or the next Segway.

You can check out the full Field Trip promo video below, and check out the source link for more info.

Source: Field Trip

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