For the intrepid urban explorers out there, Navigon has unveiled a new 24 series of personal navigation systems featuring a “Last Mile” function that continues guiding the user on foot – as well as remembering where the car is parked.

Following on from Navigon’s recently released iPhone application, the new units will prove very handy for exploring big European cities, where many attractions are more conveniently reached by walking. The 2410 model comes pre–loaded with maps of 40 European cities, while the 2400 features regional maps. Once the car is parked, the user switches to pedestrian mode, activates the “Last Mile” function and takes to the sidewalk. The unit saves details of the location of the vehicle for the return journey and features a handy “E Compass” that continually points in the direction of the destination, even when standing still.

Some serious pavement pounding can be expected with the 24 series using power-saving technology that shuts down any features used only for driving once pedestrian mode is activated. By using around fifty percent less power, users can amble the city streets for up to four hours on a single charge.

The 3.5” touch screen display automatically changes from landscape in the car to portrait in the hand for easy map reading, and will automatically shut off if the built-in sensor recognizes a change in the angle resulting in the unit being laid flat.

Included are familiar Navigon features like “Clever Parking” for looking for car spaces, “Lane Assistant Pro” for helping with exits and turns and “Speed Assistant”. Also included is advice for avoiding traffic jams, spoken audio traffic reports and “Landmark View” in 3D. An extended memory for future journeys is available via the microSD slot.

Available in Europe this month, the Navigon 2400 and 2410 will retail for approx €149 (US$215) and €169 (US$245) respectively.

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