October 13, 2008 This adorable idea takes the notion of “finger food” quite literally. A tiny plate attached to a ring that slips over your finger, the Fingerfood is the perfect way to balance your snack and glass of wine at a party.

The Fingerfood means you won’t have to worry about spilling your red wine on the fancy cream carpet at your next black tie function. Available in boxes of ten, the reusable Fingerfood plates are one size which, according to the makers, “fits most”.

Looking at the problem from another angle, German design firm Sternform has prototyped a product that transforms your plate into a drink holder. The “James” is a plate meant for stand up events that serve food as well as drinks. The handy design holds the food in its glazed hygienic inner area, while also holding most glass shapes with stems within its special side groove. As the plate has a broad and unglazed edge, it provides good grip for the glass. The idea is to keep one hand free for both eating and greeting guests at the party.

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