There's nothing like settling into camp to enjoy a fire built with bits and pieces scattered around the site, but no matter how tidy you are they will always leave some sort of mark on the environment. Looking to offer eco-minded adventurers a way to keep their flames contained and their consciences clear, Wolf and Grizzly has developed a portable fire pit that can host mealtime-worthy flames and pack down into a easily transportable case when it's time to head home.

Simply called Fire Safe, the stainless steel fire pit consists of a hinged platform that partially unfolds concertina-style to offer a corrugated burning surface measuring 11.4 x 11 in (29 x 28 cm). This fits neatly inside a four-legged folding base that uses four walls to protect the fire from the environment and the environment from the fire, featuring strategically-placed slits to encourage airflow over the coals.

This makes for a simple setup when you arrive at camp, and the thinking behind the corrugated surface is that your fire can be kept to smaller sections if need be. So if you only need a little charcoal to heat up a couple of sausages, then you can keep the fire contained to a single column of the pit.

When its time to pack up and go home, the 2.2-lb (1-kg) Fire Safe pit collapses down into very slimline package measuring less than an inch thick, which Wolf and Grizzly points out is slender enough to pack into an envelope. A better idea might be to slip it into its included polyester case, which also comes equipped with pockets for accessories like cutlery or other fire tools.

Wolf and Grizzly is raising funds for production on Kickstarter, and has attracted more than CAD 50,000 (US$37,000) at the time of writing, easily surpassing its goal of CAD 20,000 (US$15,000). Early pledges of CAD 80 are available, which will have a Fire Safe pit and included carry case headed your way in September if the campaign runs as planned. You can check out the pitch video below.

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