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First 100 Gb Portable Video Recorder And Player

First 100 Gb Portable Video Recorder And Player
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February 21, 2005 ARCHOS has launched the world's first 100-gigabyte portable video recorder (PVR) , the Pocket Video Recorder AV4100. The AV4100 allows consumers to enjoy a massive 100-gigabye storage capacity to record and save even more television shows, movies, music, photos and data for the ultimate handheld entertainment experience. The AV4100 delivers advanced multimedia features including recording and scheduling capabilities, full audio recording and playback, photo viewing, and data storage, ideal for commuters, business travellers and family holidays.

The AV4100 experience starts in the living room where you can record television shows and movies directly from a TV, VCR, cable set-top box or satellite receiver with a convenient TV Cradle. At the same time, the AV4100 takes personal entertainment enjoyment far beyond the living room, where consumers can watch videos and view photos on a large color LCD screen, listen to and record music, and transfer photos from a digital camera and data files from a PC or Macintosh.

The AV400 range presents many new features, including a TV Cradle, external speaker for playing music and video without headphones, best video playback quality2, and a built-in Compact Flash reader for transferring photos directly from digital cameras.

ARCHOS is currently the only company with a 100-gigabyte PVR, the only to enable video recording and scheduling directly from any standard video source, and the first to introduce a portable video recorder and player with wireless capabilities in its recently-released PMA400.

The AV4100 will be in available in the UK from the end of February with a suggested retail price of UKP599.99.

Additional information and add-on accessories are available from Archos

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