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First Global Tsunami Alarm System

First Global Tsunami Alarm System
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March 17, 2007 Holidaying on the water just hasn’t been the same since the Boxing Day Tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004. Tsunamis are not new – they have been occurring regularly since time began. The probability of a tsunami is greatest in areas where the earth’s tectonic plates meet. Most fear created by the dreaded tidal wave however comes from the unknown – Tsunamis can travel at speeds up to 1000 km/h so if the early warning signs are missed, by the time you can see it, it’s too late. Now a new tsunami warning system brings hope that holidaymakers can relax on their beach holidays and residents of coastal areas need no longer live fearfully. You must be connected to a GSM mobile phone network, and signing up is as simple as entering your phone number on a web site, immediately enabling the alarm system on your phone. Nothing has to be installed or downloaded - a one-year subscription costs only EUR 30 and there is also a monthly subscription for holidaymakers at EUR 10. The system uses “Flash SMS” messaging which “pushes” the message onto the front screen of the phone even if it is being used.

The Tsunami alarm system was invented and developed by the German scientists Professor Dr. Eduard Heindl and Professor Dr. Wolfram Reiners, Tsunami Institute A3M AG in Tübingen/Germany. Both are constantly surveying the quality of the system and are developing it further through their research to the benefit of subscribers. While the research results have been filed for patent protection in Germany, further patents are in preparation. „We bring an attractive business opportunity for merchants in coastal areas to Asia/Pacific”, says Prof. Dr. Wolfram Reiners.

Measuring stations all around the world operate day and night to be able to warn quickly and reliably of tsunamis: Seismic sensors measure the earth tremors. Pressure and velocity sensors in the oceans detect fast changes of water bodies in the sea. Advance warning systems check first alarm signals. With the Tsunami alarm system, users can visit popular holiday destinations at the seaside now without having to worry about their safety or life and health of family and children travelling with them. Subscribers to the Tsunami Alarm System receive a warning on their mobile phones, promptly and virtually anywhere in the world. Users can be sure that the Tsunami Alarm System does not overlook any warning messages and that a warning will set off an alarm on his mobile phone as soon as possible.

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