Relaxation and vigorous exercise rarely coexist, but the FitWet Jet Bike brings them together – sort of. The contraption is a unique piece of exercise equipment that combines a stationary (underwater) bike with a personal jetted tub. Exercise just got a little more attractive.

It's no secret that underwater workouts have fitness advantages over regular workouts. Due to the increased resistance of water versus air, walking in the water provides a more intense workout and burns more calories than walking on dry land. Water also serves as a sort of natural shock absorber, helping to limit stress and pain on joints.

So if walking underwater is a better workout, why not cycling? Well mostly because riding a bike underwater would be difficult, uncomfortable and, maybe, outright impossible. It also wouldn't be too forgiving on the bike.

The Jet Bike experiments with the concept of underwater cycling. It is designed to work underwater, FitWet claims that 30 minutes of Jet Biking is equivalent to two hours on a standard bike. The Jet Bike is designed to work your quads, butt muscles, thighs, abdominal muscles, calves and more, with FitWet claiming it burns up to 800 calories an hour.

Like walking underwater, the Jet Bike also offers a comfortable, low impact workout environment. The water keeps you cool and comfortable despite the added challenge. Best of all, its 12 jets massage and relax your muscles while you pedal. They're also supposed to help reduce cellulite – but doesn't everything? Either way, a whirlpool spin certainly sounds better than a grueling, up-and-down ride in mid-summer heat.

The cyclist controls the Jet Bike by way of an interactive touchscreen, which also displays both heart rate and calories burned. You can't politely wipe your sweat off this particular exercise bike, but you are expected to flush – the bike is designed to flush out the water after each use, preventing it from become a festering pool of salty sweat water.

FitWet didn't respond to several inquiries about availability and pricing, but we're guessing it'll be significantly more than the standard exercise bikes collecting dust in homes around the world. A gym like the one in the video below would be an ideal place to try before you buy. We'll just go ahead and wait for one of those to open up in our neck of the woods. Until then, we'll have to be content with a post-ride dip in the hot tub.

Souce: Fit Wet

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