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Flatshare Fridge could save big arguments

Flatshare Fridge could save bi...
Stefan Buchberger's modular fridge design
Stefan Buchberger's modular fridge design
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Stefan Buchberger's modular fridge design
Stefan Buchberger's modular fridge design
Flatshare Fridge sketchphotos:
Flatshare Fridge sketchphotos:

September 22, 2008 Anyone who’s ever lived in a share house knows the disappointment of finding their tasty leftovers devoured by a greedy roommate, only to have them deny all responsibility. This great idea dubbed the Flatshare Fridge is designed to eliminate arguments by providing separate food storage spaces for each household member.

Created by Stefan Buchberger, a design student at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, the innovate fridge concept is one of nine finalists in the Electrolux Design Lab 2008 competition. It offers four stackable, individual compartments on top of a base station. Each compartment includes a tall section for bottles or cartons, and a smaller side to keep your vegies crisp. Arguments surrounding hygiene and whose turn it is to clean the fridge are instantly removed as each person can be responsible for their own section.

The modular nature of the Flatshare Fridge means that when someone new moves into the house they can buy an additional unit to go on top of the existing arrangement. Each module can be also be customized with extra features such as bottle openers and whiteboards.

For creator, the idea grew out of a semester-long theme about keeping personal space clean and tidy. “I decided to create Flatshare fridge because there is nothing more disgusting than a dirty fridge in a shared flat,” says Buchberger. “At the time, I was living in such a flat!”

Via: Gizmodo / Electrolux Design Lab.

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