A fair amount of precious wood can be sacrificed when installing a tremolo on a vintage Gibson guitar so that you can squeal or dive bomb like Satriani or Vai. Well, now you don't have to because Floyd Rose Marketing has opened up its FRX top mount trem system for pre-order.

Coming more than 35 years after the first Floyd Rose locking vibrato was invented, the FRX system has been designed to surface mount on all Gibson guitars with a tune-o-matic bridge, without the need to remove chunks of the body with a router. The system comprises a main bridge mechanism with intonation saddles and tremolo arm and a combined locking nut and truss adjustment cover that mounts behind the existing nut.

The FRX system can be set to locked, assisted floating or full floating operation via a thumb-operated stop screw at the top and spring tension adjustment at the back of the bridge unit. Other adjustments, such as fine-tuning and intonation, are made on the top of the bridge, and a new tension-adjustable tremolo arm simply pushes in and pulls out.

Initially available in chrome, black and gold, the FRX Tremolo System is expected to start shipping from December 15. Pre-order prices start at US$259.99.

Product page: FRX Tremolo System

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