Finnish aeronautical engineer Aki Suokas launched a remarkable new single-seat aircraft this week at Aero Friedrichshafen. The FlyNano is made entirely of carbon fiber composite, lands and takes off on water, and weighs just 70 kilograms ready to fly. Three variants are available: a 20kW electric-only version, and petrol-engined 24 bhp and 35 bhp models, the latter proposed as a racing version. The Flynano tops out at over 140 km/h, with a service ceiling of 3 km. If you think that's remarkable, the most expensive of the three variants ex-factory and ex-VAT is just EUR 27,000 (US$39,000) and deliveries begin three months from now.

The FlyNano's wingspan is nearly five meters, it has a maximum take off weight of 200 kg and it has a speed range of 70 km/h to 140 km/h. FlyNano's true airspeed is about 140 km/h at 75% power with a theoretical operational distance of 70 kilometers.

The almost exclusive use of carbon fiber has enabled the Flynano to come in at under the magic 70 kg weight limit which determines how a new plane is legally classified. In this class in most jurisdictions, there's no license required and a minimum of red tape. Of course there's no passenger and no luggage, but it already rates as a breakthrough in aviation cost-performance.

Though the electric version has a limited range of 40 kilometers, the low speed torque and minimal vibration of the electric motor enables the low-speed four-blade prop to be whisper quiet, ensuring you'll get no complaints from the neighbors.

A transferable buy option will get you a place in the 2011 delivery queue at EUR 900 (US$1300), with 30% payable on delivery confirmation and the remainder prior to delivery. There's also an optional purpose-built trailer and storage box for the Flynano which retails for EUR 5,300 (US$7,700).

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