With Samsung including wireless charging capabilities in the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, we're likely to see wireless charging accessories move closer to the mainstream. Fonesalesman's charging pads add a little nature-infused style that could be a good fit for Samsung's beautiful phones. Gizmag has been testing a couple of the Qi chargers.

We've been using Fonesalesman's WoodPuck charger, which is made from bamboo, and the Qistone+ Wireless Power Bank, which rocks a faux zen stone look.

We find both of the charging pads to look snazzy and feel smooth in hand. If you like the idea of wireless charging, but would prefer to infuse your environment with something that looks a little less tech producty, then these accessories are worth a look. They work without a hitch, and look a hell of a lot better than any other wireless charging pads we've used.

Function-wise, the WoodPuck (above) is the more traditional wireless charger, even if its looks are anything but. It's made of tortoise-shell bamboo (also known as Mao Zhu bamboo), the most common type of bamboo used in Chinese textile products. And as you can see, it lives up to its name with a hockey puck shape.

If it weren't for the microUSB cable jutting out of one end, though, guests could easily mistake the WoodPuck for a drink coaster. We don't imagine condensation from a glass would be a good fit for an electronic device like this, so that may be something to keep in mind if you end up grabbing this one.

The Qistone+ Wireless Power Bank (above), meanwhile, has a gray plastic finish that looks and feels a bit like a beautiful zen stone. Apart from aesthetics, its big difference is that it has a built-in 4,000 mAh battery, so it can wirelessly charge your phone without using any wires itself.

Four LEDs sit on its front side, and though they do take something away from its faux stone look, they do let you know how much battery life it has left.

The Power Bank also has a wireless charging receiver of its own inside, so when its battery runs out, you can plop it on top of another wireless charger to juice it back up (like you see above). This is the rare charger that, if you own a second wireless charging pad, can do its job from start to finish without using a single wire.

You can also, of course, charge it via microUSB if you like (and it works fine being plugged in and charging a phone at the same time).

As far as the actual charging goes, both pads work just like we'd want them to. Both charged a Galaxy S6 edge perfectly, at speeds that are what we've come to expect from other Qi chargers.

If you don't have a phone with built-in wireless charging, like the Galaxy S6 or Nexus 6, Fonesalesman also sells wireless receivers that can add Qi capabilities to iPhones and other handsets. We didn't test any of these, but know that there also are plenty of Qi cases you can buy to meet the same end, so you don't have to buy this company's receivers to work with its pads (as long as it uses the Qi standard, it should be good to go).

Both charging pads are available now. The WoodPuck costs £39.99 (about US$60 ... though it's currently sold for $33 in Amazon's US store) while the Qistone+ Wireless Power Bank rings up for £44.99 (around US$67). Those are significant markups over more techie-looking charging pads, so you only want to get these if you're looking to add some nature-infused style to your charging tech.

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