A new electric vehicle (EV) charging station that has opened in Norway is claimed to be the world's biggest. Located in Nebbenes, about 65 km (40 mi) and 45 minutes north of the country's capital, Oslo, it offers 28 charging points said to cater for all types of modern EVs.

The facility is part of Fortum's Charge & Drive EV charging network and has been developed in partnership with Tesla. Fortum tells New Atlas that it cooperated with Tesla specifically with the aim of designing the location to have all requisite types of EV charger.

Of the 28 charging points available, four are 50-kW fast chargers with CCS/CHAdeMO connections, another four are 22-kW Type 2 medium-fast chargers and 20 are Tesla Superchargers.

Fortum says it is currently building charging corridors between major Norwegian cities and that the Nebbenes facility "is a crucial addition in connecting Oslo, Lillehammar and Elverum." It has apparently installed around 160 new CCS/CHAdeMO fast chargers in Norway this year and, by the end of the year, says it hopes to offer such charging points every 50 km (31 mi) between the cities of Oslo and Trondheim, Oslo and Bergen, Oslo and Kristiansand, Kristiansand and Stavanger and Stavanger and Bergen.

The Nebbenes charging station was opened on September 1st. The rapid chargers cost NOK 2.50 (US$0.31) per minute to use, with payment able to be made via SMS, RFID tag or web application.

Source: Fortum