According to the Los Angeles Times, Canadian-born architect and L.A. resident Frank Gehry is to significantly redevelop the L.A. River system. The changes will primarily focus on turning the river into a water reclamation system, in addition to increasing public access to the area.

Concreted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers before the Second World War, the L.A. River currently carries storm water and treated wastewater to the Pacific Ocean.

The Los Angeles Times writes that when Gehry, who recently completed the "Brown Paper Bag," was approached to tackle the project, he only agreed on the condition that he could make water reclamation its focus. Given the severe drought in California, this was no doubt deemed attractive to city planners and the nod was duly given.

"I think we're wasting a lot of water at a time when we need it," Gehry is quoted as saying. The newspaper further reports that Gehry's office has been working on the project pro bono for a year already. Though details still somewhat lacking at present, the irreverent architect will also be landscaping the area around the river at key points to ensure the public can make better use of the area.

We can expect more details on the project to emerge as it progresses.