This tiny cabin is a free-floating catamaran suite designed by Dutch architect, Marijn Beije. The design was conceived with the hope of luring a younger and more city-focused group of people back into nature, and offers a unique new way to sleep under the stars. Guests can enhance their experience of nature by relaxing in this fully furnished floating eco-lodge, complete with bedroom, bathroom and rooftop deck.

The sustainable retreat was built using FSC-certificated wood, and features four places to sleep, plus a kitchen area, toilet, shower, two terraces for relaxing, rooftop hammock and a crow’s nest for bird watching. The retreat also features solar panels and LED lighting throughout. The sleeping quarters are furnished with two beds that face out onto the river, where the large curved floor-to-ceiling windows allow guests to star gaze while being gently rocked to sleep.

The floating eco-logde has been built with durability in mind and is weather resistant so it can withstand the elements. Compact in size, the lodge can easily be transported and immersed into a diverse range of landscapes without disrupting the surrounding environment. While it's probably not a great idea to let the house free-float along a river, the lodge would be best suited to being connected to a pontoon or fixed jetty. If you’re not so fond of floating on the riverbank, perhaps you’d prefer to perch the lodge high amid the treetops – as suggested by Beije, the retreat can easily be transformed into a fully self-contained treehouse or the perfect bird watching hut.

The floating suite has recently found a permanent home in the Biesbosch National Park in The Netherlands, where it will be available for hire. The builder, APEcolodges, also has plans to sell the eco-lodge on the market.

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