Good ideas tend to stand the test of time and the yurt is no exception, hence the number of modern options on the market. Aurora, Colorado-based Freedom Yurt-Cabins offers its own updated take on the nomadic dwelling, with improvements including energy-efficient windows, a proper front door, and modern insulation. It's available in a number of sizes, with the smallest 217 sq ft (20 sq m) model starting at just under US$12,000.

Freedom Yurt-Cabins comprise a roundwood frame made from Lodgepole pine, and an integrated floor. The walls feature SIPs (structural insulated panels) and fiberglass insulation, offering an R-value (a measure of thermal resistance) of R-9.7. The ceiling, meanwhile, consists of Polyisocyanurate (PIR) rigid foam insulation board, which is rated at R-13.7. The interior features an attractive wooden ceiling which is supported by a lightweight steel roof ring. This is topped by a DuraLast heavy duty vinyl roof and clear acrylic roof dome.

Concrete foundations aren't required, so it can be moved with relative ease – though perhaps not as easily as the Jero – and depending on what size model you go for, it sports two or three Low-E (low thermal emissivity) windows as standard (additional windows can be added at cost). Access is gained by a single insulated steel door.

Freedom Yurt-Cabins can serve as an additional bedroom or workspace, for hosting events, or as a tiny house or cabin. On this note, the firm told us that while it delivers the yurt empty, buyers can have a chat with its in-house designer to help come up with an interior plan which can then be taken to a contractor to realize. The company will also be offering pre-fabricated interior accessories later this year.

The structures are delivered in kit form, and the firm states that it should take a couple of people a weekend to assemble. The 217 sq ft (20 sq m) 12-wall model will set you back $11,995, while the 14-wall 296 sq ft (27 sq m) and 16-wall (35 sq m) units fetch $13,995, and $15,995, respectively.

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