Fujifilm introduces FinePix S5 Pro

Fujifilm introduces FinePix S5 Pro
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December 11, 2006 Fujifilm has announced the full specifications, availability and retail price for the FinePix S5 Pro. Announced in development at Photokina 2006, the FinePix S5 Pro is scheduled for nationwide market availability February 2007 at a price of US$2000. The FinePix S5 Pro carries a number of features that will appeal to wedding, portrait and studio photographers. One is an expanded dynamic range from the double pixel technology (6.17 million S-pixels and 6.17 million R-pixels) of the camera’s Super CCD SR Pro sensor that is approximately 400% wider than that of a CCD working on a single-pixel design. In addition, the FinePix S5 Pro goes a step further by coupling the new Super CCD SR Pro sensor with Fujifilm’s new RP Processor Pro for smoother tonality from brightest light to the darkest shadows. An ISO equivalent sensitivity of 3200 is also available on the FinePix S5 Pro, thanks to the RP Processor Pro technology.

Additionally, the camera features Fujifilm’s Face Detection Technology. A post-capture function on the FinePix S5 Pro, the technology detects up to ten faces in a scene at the push of a button. Using the camera’s LCD monitor, FinePix S5 Pro users can zoom in to the faces of subjects, confirming focus, exposure and whether eyes are open or closed.

Additional highlighted features of the FinePix S5 Pro include: excellent ergonomics with weatherproof seals, a robust shutter mechanism tested to exceed 100,000 cycles, and advancements to the Film Simulation Mode with the addition of three new settings for varying skin tones.

FinePix S5 Pro Digital Camera – Specifications Type of camera Interchangeable-lens SLR-type digital camera

Number of effective pixels 1 12.34 million (S-pixel: 6.17million, R- pixel: 6.17million) pixels

CCD sensor 23.0mmx 15.5mm Super CCD SR Pro

Number of recorded pixels L: 4,256x2,848 / M:3,024x2,016 / S:2,304x1,536 pixels

Storage media Compact Flash (CF) Card (Type I/II) and Microdrive

File format_Image quality mode Exif-JPEG (Exif2.21 2 compatible) _ FINE / NORMAL

Lens mount Nikon F mount (with AF coupling and AF contacts)

Usable lenses

* Type DX AF Nikkor: All functions supported* Type G or D AF Nikkor (IX Nikkor lenses can not be used): All functions supported* Micro Nikkor 85 mm f/2.8D:All functions supported except auto-focus and some exposure modes* Other AF Nikkor(excluding lenses for F3AF): All functions supported except 3D color matrix metering II and 3D multi-sensor balanced fill-flash for digital SLR* AI-P Nikkor: All functions supported except 3D color matrix metering II,3D multi-sensor balanced fill-flash for digital SLR, and auto-focus* Non-CPU: Can be used in exposure modes A and M; electronic range finder can be used if maximum aperture is f/5.6 or faster; color matrix metering, multi-sensor balanced fill-flash for digital SLR, and aperture value display supported if user provides lens data

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