Cigarette butts are a major source of litter, certainly rivaling chewing gum as a menace on public streets. This problem is being tackled in some countries by fines being issued to the culprits, but that only helps the situation if someone is caught in the act and then learns from their mistake – which isn't guaranteed. Dutch/Turkish design company Ioglo thinks it has a better solution in the form of Fumo, which uses an audiovisual show to reward smokers for their cigarette butts.

Fumo is an "interactive smoke pole" shaped like an extra-large cigarette. It has 56 LED lights running up its sides and speakers capable of playing more than 50 different audio clips.

When the ultrasonic sensor detects a cigarette butt has been deposited, Fumo plays an audiovisual show lasting between five and ten seconds. Audio clips include a gospel choir, a dance track, and a Homer Simpson quote which includes the iconic, "D'oh!".

Even if smokers ignore Fumo and continue to flick their cigarette butts on the ground, the audiovisual show gives passers-by more of a reason to pick up the litter and dispose of it properly. In order to attract smokers, Fumo occasionally performs a one-second teaser informing them that this is no ordinary litter bin.

Fumo is currently a project without a client. However, Ioglo is discussing installing a custom Fumo at the entrance to a major Dutch hospital, and talking to festivals keen on hiring the smoke poles. The video below shows Fumo in action.

Source: Ioglo via Wired

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