Busworld Asia was the venue chosen by FUNTORO Inc to announce the launch of its Media On Demand (MOD) Infotainment System on buses manufactured by China's largest professional bus manufacturer. One server can support up to 54 monitors throughout the coach, providing passengers with their own entertainment hub capable of independent output without impacting on fellow travelers.

The tenth Busworld Asia trade show was held last weekend at Shanghai's New International Exhibition Center under the banner "Original spirit, Chinese attitude, Global View." The very first Busworld event was held in 1971 in the small Belgian town of Kortrijk. Since then, events had been held the world over.

FUNTORO Inc has already had its infotainment system successfully installed in over 500 buses operated by 15 of Europe's biggest transport companies, and took the opportunity offered by Busworld Asia to announce integration into buses manufactured by Yutong Bus.

FUNTORO's MOD system features up to 54 touch-sensitive tilting monitors installed into the seating of coaches or buses, simultaneously supported by just one server. The set-up is claimed to reduce power consumption over other onboard entertainment systems. Each passenger will have his/her own monitor to enjoy a movie, watch television, listen to music, watch videos (either fed by the server or input by the user via an AV-in port), look at photos (via USB connectivity) or play games without impacting on others.

Internet connectivity also features, allowing users to surf whilst on the move, while GPS navigation instructions, fleet management, traffic and vehicle information can be fed to the driver. The company says that the system could well find its way into the headrests of planes, trains and boats in the near future.

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