Swiss Protection Socks from Swiss Barefoot put a whole new spin on the barefoot movement. These are essentially big, burly socks that are designed to be worn not inside shoes, but instead of them. The manufacturer claims that the socks are hefty enough to protect your feet from the pain and dangers of walking completely barefoot.

Here we thought that current barefoot offerings like the Vibram Five Fingers and O1M One Moments were strange-looking. The Swiss Barefoot socks look like they belong below a barren stare and hospital gown in a scene from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

These five-toed sock-shoes are for real, though. The company that makes them describes them as the "first firm socks for the ultimate barefoot feeling without the risk of injury from sharp objects." They supposedly give you a more natural stride thanks to the elimination of the sole, while protecting your feet from rocks and other sharp objects with their thick bottoms. They basically split the difference between the average barefoot shoe and grippy slipper socks designed to be worn around the house.

The socks get their claims of toughness from a blend of 50 percent Kevlar (that's the stuff they make bulletproof jackets out of), 32 percent polyester, 10 percent cotton and 8 percent Spandex. The soles are laminated with naps of PVC that Swiss Barefoot says makes them cut-resistant.

Interestingly, Swiss Barefoot doesn't just see these as useful for walking around your garden or getting the paper in the morning. In its video and photos, the company depicts all types of activities, including running, rock climbing and water sports.

The socks sell for 55 euro (US$73) for the short version and 59 euro ($78) for the longs. Take a look at the video below for a little more information, and footage of people using their Protection Socks.

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