Chinese smartphone-maker OnePlus has behemoths like Samsung in its sights. Let's see how the budget-minded OnePlus 3T stacks up against the premium Galaxy S7 edge.


The OnePlus 3T is only a slightly bigger phone; both are big enough to be considered phablets.


Weight is nearly identical too.


The OnePlus 3T has the same exterior as its predecessor, the OnePlus 3, while Samsung's S7 edge uses an aluminum frame sandwiched between two panes of glass.


The new gunmetal color option for the OnePlus 3T is the only external/cosmetic difference between it and the OnePlus 3.

Display size

Both phones have spacious 5.5-inch screens.

Display resolution

The Galaxy S7 edge has the resolution advantage, with an ultra-sharp QHD screen.

Display type

Both use AMOLED (or, in Samsung's case, Super AMOLED) panels.

Curved display

The S7 edge gets its name from its dual-curved screen that slopes off on either side.

Water resistance

The Galaxy S7 edge can be immersed in water for long periods without shorting out; the OnePlus 3T wouldn't be so lucky.


Another key upgrade from the OnePlus 3 to 3T, the newer model gets Qualcomm's faster late-2016 mobile chip.


OnePlus leads the smartphone industry with 6 GB of RAM in its latest flagships.


In the entry-level tiers, OnePlus offers double the storage.


But only the S7 edge lets you expand that by popping in a microSD card.

Camera megapixels

The OnePlus 3T has a ridiculously high-res front-facing camera. It might be overkill, but your selfies certainly won't be lacking in clarity.

Camera aperture (rear)

The S7 edge has the wider aperture and is very good in low-lit settings.


The OnePlus 3T has a smaller battery, but its lower-res screen could potentially give it the longer real-world battery life. Stay tuned for benchmarks in our full review.

Fast charging

Both have fast charging tech, but OnePlus advertises its "Dash Charge" variant as allowing you to sustain charging speeds while doing intensive tasks like playing games.

Wireless charging

You can buy a wireless charging pad and juice up the S7 edge by plopping it on top.

Fingerprint sensor

Both have fingerprint sensor home buttons.


The S7 edge is one of six phones compatible with the best mobile VR experience (for now), the Gear VR.


The OnePlus 3T launches with the latest version of Android, Nougat. The S7 edge is still on last year's Marshmallow release, but there is a beta version of Nougat available for the Edge, in advance of a wider public update.


OnePlus says you can order the 3T from its website starting on November 22.

Starting price (full retail)

If nothing in the Galaxy's side of the column drew you in, then you can save big bucks by opting for the OnePlus 3T. You will, however, have to a) order online, b) pay the full amount upfront (while you can buy the Galaxy on an installment plan) and c) go into it knowing you can't use it on Verizon or Sprint in the US.

We'll have a full review of the OnePlus 3T before long, but in the meantime you can revisit our review of the 2016 Galaxy S7 phones.

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