Some say constraint breeds creativity, and a particularly pleasing place to see this in action is inside the burgeoning tiny house movement. It's a place where full-time homes are made to fit onto a single trailer, and a peek inside shows not just how crafty tiny home builders can be in making the most of limited space, but making things look good while they're at it.

If not a necessity, bedroom lofts are a very commonly used device in tiny home construction. They ask inhabitants to do away with any semblance of respectable headroom, but in return they make way for bigger kitchens, enclosed bathrooms, dining spaces and lounge areas.

We often see staircases leading up to these lofts put to use as storage cupboards and drawers for hiding away bits and pieces, which helps create low-clutter interiors whose orderliness defies these very tight confines.

And although the tiny living movement is defined by a willingness to do without the material goods and luxuries that accompany a typical lifestyle, you'll be amazed by how some folks strike a balance.

We've seen tiny houses with jacuzzis and large dining spaces, and those featured here make clever use of space to include gyms, wine racks, claw foot baths and four-burner stoves. And on top of that, they are stunning examples of tasteful interior design at work.

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