Polish custom bike outfit Game Over Cycles has redesigned and modified a Harley Davidson Sportster 883 to include a host of parts influenced by music and music gear. The Cafe Racer was created for the Hard Rock Cafe Kraków in Poland and "shows just what happens when the motorcycle world and the music world collide."

"In creating the Cafe Racer no detail was coincidental," said company owner Stanislaw Myszkowski. "The ideas for custom parts, their formation and their positioning all have a precise meaning within the concept of the bike. This requires creativity and unusual solutions, and the GOC team all played their part in making this unique bike a reality."

Just about every part on the original Sportster – from the frame and engine covers to the wheels and exhaust system – has been modified to rock and roll. The music-influenced components don't just look good, but many are also fully operational elements of the customized motorcycle. In fact, the only non-custom component of the Cafe Racer is its original 2004 Evolution engine.

The GOC mods include rear swing arms designed to look like a guitar fretboard, solid black 16-inch Fat Boy wheels that are etched with tracks like you'd find on a vinyl record and a gearshift in the shape of a turntable's cueing arm.

The Cafe Racer's air filter takes the form of a classic vocal microphone (like the Shure Unidyne), there's a coil cover shaped like a Strat body that includes a tremolo arm for adjusting pressure and sucking fuel into the carburetor, and the battery box that takes the form of a guitar amp.

The exhaust system is based on a saxophone, with adjustable openings to tweak the bike's growl, and the seat has been engraved with musical references, including notation from the chorus of AC/DC's Highway to Hell. The Cafe Racer also sports a few nods to its new home, including speed and oil pressure gauges designed to look dials of a coffee machine and of course a gold-flaked Hard Rock Cafe logo.

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