Game Ready injury treatment system

Game Ready injury treatment sy...
Game Ready Injury Treatment System
Game Ready Injury Treatment System
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Game Ready Injury Treatment System
Game Ready Injury Treatment System

March 7, 2008 CoolSystems has released the next generation of its Game Ready injury treatment system combining form-fitting wraps, cold and intermittent compression, and adjustable pressure and temperature settings. The convenient system is designed to be used for treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and post-operative rehabilitation.

Game Ready leverages patented NASA spacesuit technology to simultaneously deliver intermittent compression and controllable cold therapy to help people recover from injuries or orthopedic surgery. The system is based on RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation): a proven standard in treating acute injury and assisting in rehabilitation. The features of Game Ready that help to facilitate the RICE principle are a simple user interface, six pre-set continuous run programs, a wide opening to enable easy handling of ice and water and an ergonomic handle for easy carrying. The system can be operated with minimal training, and with its patented ergonomic wraps, adjustable temperature and compression levels, and its portable design, can be incorporated into a multitude of treatment protocols.

The improved Game Ready also includes a number of new design features to enhance the patient’s experience and ease-of-use during recovery. The easy-to-use system can comfortably treat almost any body part, on patients and athletes of any size. Game Ready counts as its client many professional athletes, pro sport teams, colleges and orthopedic clinics. “Utilizing Game Ready following orthopedic procedures, we’ve seen a dramatic decrease in post-operative pain, a decrease in hospital stays and quicker return to work or athletic participation. Game Ready is an essential part of accelerated post-operative recovery,” said Dr. Sanford Kunkel, MD, an Orthopedic Surgeon at OrthoIndy in Indianapolis. The systems also used to keep treat individuals at US Olympic Training Centers, the Navy Seals and the San Francisco Ballet.

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