The new generation of iOS-friendly Gamevice controllers hits the market this month. These gamepads latch onto the sides of iPhones and iPads, turning them into easy-to-grip game consoles. The updated versions are lighter, Lightning-connected, and no longer need a battery of their own, instead running off the iDevice's power.

According to the company, the controllers manage to go battery-free without sucking the life from your phone or tablet. They claim to draw a negligible amount of power, no more than headphones do.

The new Gamevices still plug into your device's Lightning port, but they also add a Lightning port of their own. That means you can charge your device (and by extension, your controller) while you play.

Nixing the battery has allowed the Gamevice to get lighter, and it has also been redesigned for ergonomics. The thumb sticks in particular have been upgraded to offer more comfort and control.

The second-generation Gamevice for iPhone controller will be available on January 31. It has been updated to support iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus – and helpfully adds a headphone jack for more immersive gameplay. It also fits the iPhone 6/6 Plus series.

The new Gamevices for iPad Air/iPad Pro are available today. Gamevice for iPad Mini will hit shelves on January 31.

Like the original version, the updated Gamevice's retail price starts at US$99.95.

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