You know those cool photos that are half-above the surface of the water, and half-below it? They're called split shots, and a new underwater housing is designed to let you take them using a wide variety of smartphones.

Known as the GDome Mobile, the South African-made device features a glass-filled nylon body, a hardened steel support frame, and an optically-correct scratch-resistant acrylic dome lens. It reportedly accommodates any make or model of smartphone no larger than 6.5 inches, which is cradled within a closed-cell foam insert that the user cuts to size. The phone's screen remains visible and touch-sensitive via a clear membrane on the back of the housing.

Because there's so much room inside the dome, third-party filters or lenses can still be used on the phone's camera. And while the GDome Mobile isn't designed for use with actioncams, its creators state that they've had good results with recent-model GoPros and the new DJI Osmo Action.

Actioncams, lights or other accessories can also be attached to mounting points on the outside of the housing.

Once everything is sealed up, the device is reportedly watertight to a maximum depth of 5 meters (16 ft) – potential buyers seeking a scuba-specific housing should look elsewhere. Additionally, there's no word on its buoyancy, although it weighs a claimed 800 grams (1.8 lb) on land.

If you're interested, the GDome Mobile is currently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign. A pledge of US$79 will get you one – when and if it reaches production – with the planned retail price sitting at $129. The device is demonstrated in the video below.

Hopefully it will fare better than the similar but iPhone-specific amphipac, the Kickstarter of which was cancelled.

Source: Indiegogo

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