So much of the time and space spent on packing for camping or backpacking are dedicated to food and cooking, so it can really pay to streamline things with culinary multi-tools. Gerber makes it easier with two small, ultralight utensils that package a full array of food prep, cooking and eating functions, taking up minimal space in your backpack or chuck box. Do more, pack less.

"The goal was to create a multi-tool that addressed the entire eating process while in the backcountry: preparing food, eating, and cleaning up after," explains Eric Moore, Gerber product manager.

In fact, Gerber used that goal to create two multi-tools. The simpler of the duo, the Devour Multi-Fork is a spork-based tool that includes a detachable, bottle opener-style multi-tool that packs six functions, including a kickstand for resting the spork up off the ground to keep things cleaner. For travel, the multi-tool attaches to the spork, and the package weighs less than an ounce (28 g), making it an ideal solution for backpackers and others who travel lightly.

A fuller set of utensils, the new Gerber ComplEAT includes a long-tine fork, spoon and dual-edge spatula that all secure together with a small multi-tool. The ComlEAT multi-tool is similar to the one on the Devour, but features a distinct design with four functions: bottle opener, can opener, veggie peeler and serrated package opener. The ComplEAT's fork and spatula also secure together to create a set of tongs.

After a debut at this month's Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, both the Devour (US$14.99) and the ComplEAT ($24.99) will launch in early 2019 in four colors.

Source: Gerber

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