Last month we finally saw the long-teased American MegaBot versus Japanese Kurata giant robot battle. After the Team MegaBots win, in an arguably unexciting fashion, many viewers complained that the battle felt "staged." People wanted live, unedited giant robot fights, and MegaBots recently gave the people what they asked for.

The live battle matched up the two American MegaBots: Iron Glory, fitted out with a melee combat weapon, and Eagle Prime, insanely given a giant 500-lb (227-kg), 10-ft-long (3-m) knife. Unlike the previous battle, the smaller Iron Glory robot was remotely controlled for the first time. The hope was by keeping the smaller robot unmanned it could attack more aggressively. At least that was the hope ...

So how did it turn out?

Well, after three rounds of live robot fighting the larger Eagle Prime unsurprisingly destroyed Iron Glory in a slow motion battle. But the win didn't come courtesy of an expertly conducted knife thrust, but by Iron Glory's powerplant succumbing to the pressure of too many torso twists.While the live aspect of the battle certainly added a bit more energy to the engagement, it was still a long way off the Pacific Rim-style giant robot war many were no doubt hoping for.

This is the first in a series of planned live events, with the long-term goal of creating a giant robot fighting league.

Watch the live battle in the video below (skip to the 10-minute mark for the "action").

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