The folks at Detroit's Gibbs Technologies are no strangers to aquatic vehicles. In the past several years, they have brought us the zippy Aquada sports car, the Quadski ATV/personal watercraft hybrid, and the four-wheel-drive Humdinga SUV concept. Yesterday, they announced the addition of another two vehicles to their fleet - the Phibian and Humdinga II high-speed Amphitrucks.

The mostly carbon fiber-constructed 4WD Phibian is capable of highway speeds when traveling on land, thanks to its twin turbo diesel engines - looking like it does, it would also presumably be capable of turning quite a few heads while heading down the road. When it enters the water, its wheels retract and its dual jet drives kick in. This is done with the touch of a button, and takes about ten seconds. Once on the water, it can reportedly attain speeds over 30 mph (48 km/h).

Three crew members and 12 passengers can comfortably fit inside the Phibian, when it's in passenger-carrying mode. When reconfigured for cargo-carrying duty, it is able to manage a payload of 3,307 pounds (1,500 kg). Not surprisingly, it is designed with military, rescue and humanitarian operations in mind.

While we did hear about the Humdinga SUV when it was still a concept, Gibbs took yesterday's opportunity to announce that its successor, the Humdinga II (above), is also now available for order.

The 4WD vehicle is powered by a supercharged 350hp V8 gasoline engine, offering land and water speeds in line with those of the Phibian. It can carry five to seven passengers or a payload of up to 1,653 pounds (750 kg), depending on its configuration.

Because it's smaller and more nimble than the Phibian, it is intended more for use in a light-duty patrol or rapid response role.

There's no word on price for either vehicle, but inquiries are undoubtedly welcome.

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