Gigaset SL75 WLAN: VOIP portable home telephone

Gigaset SL75 WLAN: VOIP portable home telephone
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September 7, 2005 The new Siemens Gigaset SL75 WLAN Voice-over-IP (VoIP) cordless telephone affords a new dimension in mobility that dispenses forever with the traditional concept of a “home phone.” Broadband users with WLAN routers will experience new ways to communicate via the Internet with the flexibility of a mobile phone. Using this exquisite design object, VoIP calls can be made not just at home, but also at access points open to the public anywhere – without having to log on to a computer. As well as an instant messaging service, the Gigaset SL75 WLAN handset has the facility to receive and send emails, complete with photo attachments, instead of only notifying of incoming emails, as before. To make every trend-setter’s joy complete, the integrated digital camera lets happy events be captured and sent instantaneously for family and friends to share.

The Gigaset SL75 WLAN is one of a new generation of cordless phones. It no longer relies on being within reach of its own base station and thus anticipates the advance of Internet telephony. If the user is provided with a broadband connection via WLAN router, the phone will dock onto any WLAN access point (gateways/hotpoints). Not only does each Gigaset SL75 WLAN handset permit registration to several gateways. For added convenience, it will also store the profiles of several of these hotpoints for fast retrieval and switching between networks, for example at home, at the workplace, or at friends’ houses. Now calls can be made around the world at local rates via the Internet in real time from any of these access points – without even having the computer running.

Instant attachment and dispatch of photos using the integrated digital camera

Whereas even previous WLAN phones like the Gigaset S35 WLAN only notified users of incoming emails, the Gigaset SL75 WLAN will both receive and send emails, and even lets photo files be attached to emails in formats such as jpeg. Moreover, the phone’s integrated digital camera allows happy events like the birth of a baby to be captured and shared immediately with friends and family around the world.

Easy updating of the rich telephone book from the PC via WLAN

No contacts will be forgotten with the rich telephone book in the Gigaset SL75 WLAN. The handset has space for 200 names, phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses. Instead of importing address data in the conventional manner by connecting a data cable to the PC, data is now synchronized rapidly using WLAN. Allocating any of up to 16 polyphonic ring tones to telephone book entries permits instant call recognition for important contacts. Uploaded favorite ring tones will personalize callers’ entries with their keynote tunes. Calling animation on the colored graphic display (128x128 pixels, 4k/65k colors) signalizes incoming calls.

The Gigaset SL75 WLAN will be available in Europe from November 2005 for approximately EUR 299 in the season’s high fashion colour night grey.

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