Gizmag has a new look and a new name.


For almost 15 years we've worked hard to keep you up to date with the rise of technology and its impact on our daily lives, and that has led us into new frontiers.

Our first issue featured a ground-breaking 3 megapixel camera, a radical mobile phone-PDA hybrid and a look at life with Apple's revolutionary iPod MP3 player, but these days we're about more than gadgets.

We want to build a publication that stands the test of time.

That publication is New Atlas.

What does New Atlas represent?

The name New Atlas better reflects what we do. An atlas is a collection of maps, and maps are the tools we use to explore and define new frontiers. That's our mission at New Atlas: we want to trace the development of extraordinary ideas that move the world forward in the fields of science, transport, consumer electronics, architecture, and beyond.

What hasn't changed is our approach. You can expect the same independent, considered coverage from our international team of journalists.

As always, if you have feedback, we'd love to hear it. Please email us at

Thank you for supporting what we do.