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Two million eyeballs a month - thanks for your valuable time

Two million eyeballs a month -...
Our growth curve over the last 30 months - many thanks for your valuable time.
Our growth curve over the last 30 months - many thanks for your valuable time.
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Our growth curve over the last 30 months - many thanks for your valuable time.
Our growth curve over the last 30 months - many thanks for your valuable time.

As the majority of the business world gets set to take a break after an extremely difficult year, we’d like to say a million thanks to our readers for your kind patronage this year. As of this week, that’s one heartfelt thanks for each and every one of you. According to Quantcast, which measures traffic directly, we reached the million unique visitors a month mark on December 17, so we’ll all be celebrating extra hard as we head into 2010 with a full head of steam up. For the record, the top ten countries where readers live are U.S. 53.27%, U.K. 8.64%, Canada 6.26%, Australia 4.29%, India 2.49%, Germany 1.44%, Netherlands 1.29%, France 1.02%, Italy 0.89% and Brazil 0.80%, with “others” growing larger every day.

Thanks go too, to the many blogs, tech sites and news aggregators who link to our stories. We have always attempted to have good link manners and always link to sources we obtain information from in constructing our stories. We always attempt to be good web citizens and we have long recognized the web of information is a collaborative environment, so thanks also to our many commenters who've kept us alert, entertained and better informed throughout the year.

Our obligation is to our readership, we always tell the truth, and we try reaaalllly hard to assist our readership to stay well-informed across the breadth of humanity's ever increasing understanding of the world and technology's promise of making it a better place.

Sincere thanks to all concerned.

Keep up the great work Noal! All of you are doing a great Job! As an observer of disruptive technology, I check your site every day for new technology that will change the world. It is the best all encompasing technology site in the world. Happy holidays, -Dennis
A. Ted Vorachard
Congratualtion to a job well done. You guys have done great. Keep up the good work. One suggestion is that you should emphasize more on green technologies or anything that ordinary people can do to save this wonderful earth.
Happy New Year and Sawaddee Pee Mai to all.
A. Ted Vorachard
Congratulation! It\'s amazing you have so many followers. If my 2 websites and could reach 1/100 of your eyeballs that would be great. Still a long way to go. You did a great job!
Facebook User
Unique content is like a magnet, it attracts visitors all by itself. When I forst visited this site I just became a fan of Gizmag.
Phils stuff
Thanks to Gizmag for a great online magazine!
I get your daily email, and look forward to perusing the gizmag news during my work breaks...
It\'s one of those \"never miss\" kind of websites, with daily fresh and intersting news.
Keep up the good work, and I hope you are reaping the economic rewards, too!
Doc Rings
Respectable Gizmag team, I am proud to be part of your first million pairs of eyeballs in a month. Nothing more fair than return his thanks, hoping that in 2010, you achieve to light up more our eyes and we bring more lights to your statistics. So we will have news of more one perfect machine. Happy New Year for us ... Sérgio Werneck de Figueiredo Petrópolis Rio de Janeiro Brasil
Good job Gizmag. Keep following the formula of fresh content intelligent writers = millions of eyeballs.
you and your team deserve all the praise there is,,,,,,,,,Gizmag is compelling unlike so many web sites
bio-power jeff
A happy new year for the Gizmag team around the world. Thank you Gizmag for this amazing website.
Jeff, South Korea