Outdoor music festivals are notorious for a lot of things, one of the biggest being the amount of garbage left behind by the concert-goers. In an effort to get music fans to clean up after themselves, while also providing them with half-decent temporary shelter, the Glad Company recently experimented with a combination tent/big garbage bag, known as the Glad Tent.

The tent, and the whole project in which it was tested, was created for Glad by the Miami-based Alma advertising agency. “For years, Glad has been a leader in innovative green solutions and focusing on two of the three R’s: Reduce (by utilizing less plastic in their bags) and Recycle (by supporting recycling programs and creating specialized products),” Alma’s Daniella Biffi told us. “But we had to figure out how to apply that last R (Reuse) to Glad’s trash bags. So the Glad Tent concept was born.”

The one-person tent is made from Glad ForceFlex garbage bags. A number of the tents were given to attendees who were camping at this year’s SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas, on the condition that they use the bags to pack up their trash when they leave. According to Biffi, the response was “overwhelmingly positive.”

It’s definitely a clever, intriguing idea, although it does raise a few questions ... Wouldn’t the people most likely to care about eliminating litter already clean up after themselves anyway? How many people would just sleep in the tent because it’s cheaper than buying a reusable one, then leave it as yet another piece of garbage? And how humid does it get inside one of those things?

In any case, a representative from Glad told us that there are no immediate plans to produce the tents commercially.

The Glad Tent can be seen in use in Alma’s video below.

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