Gladiat8r: a modern take on Roman battle-gear

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This intriguing helmet concept from Canedo Studio and spotted by Yanko Design is said to be inspired by the protective headwear worn by Roman Gladiators and we mention it mainly because, well, it's a very cool design. Although on one hand it may look like an industrial brain slicer, the design is indeed intended to protect one's noggin, with weight being distributed evenly across the arch structure to reduce pressure on the bridge of the nose.

According to Yanko Design, the helmet is adjustable via a range of rubber attachments that brace the ribs on the frame.

Breathe-ability certainly wouldn't be an issue and presumably the weight of the helmet could be significantly reduced by using this ribcage approach. It may not be ideal protection from a well aimed broadsword, but we're sure that Colosseum treading gladiators would have appreciated the extra glare protection.

Via: Yanko Design.

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