The Glance Clock is designed to bring some smartwatch functionality to the wall, with a traditional-looking clock face that can sync to a smartphone and devices like Amazon Echo to provide user-chosen information at a glance.

Smart functionality in a wall clock has been seen before in products like the Sentri, but where that had a focus on home security, Glance looks to be more about the convenience of getting quick notifications from the wall at a glance, instead of the usual fumbling in a pocket to pull out a smartphone.

At its core, the Glance is a minimalistic analog clock with an aluminum frame and a fabric face, available in either graphite, silver or copper colors. Hidden underneath is a series of LEDs, which light up to display notifications in the form of text and blocky, colored bars running around the edge.

Through a free Android or iOS app, users are said to be able set what information they want the clock to present, including incoming call and message notifications, calendar reminders, weather updates, progress towards fitness goals, and even when your Uber or Lyft has arrived. Each notification will stay on screen for 30 seconds, and a built-in speaker will give an audio cue to make sure it doesn't go unnoticed.

With Amazon Echo integration, the device can be controlled with voice commands. And if the feature someone is after isn't covered, the Glance Clock is designed to support systems like IFTTT and Stringify, so users can design their own. For the more tech-savvy, an open API will allow developers to get on board and add new functions.

Powered by a rechargeable battery, the Glance Clock is said to last between three and six months on a charge, or it can just be plugged directly into a wall outlet. It can wirelessly connect to up to five phones at once over Bluetooth 4.2, and motion sensors in the clock will let it know when there's someone in the room.

The Glance Clock project is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, where it's managed to exceed its US$50,000 target by some margin. Some of the Super Early-Bird deals remain, which are available for a pledge of $99. Once those are gone, pledge levels start at $149, representing $50 off its projected retail price. If all goes to plan, the company plans to ship the clock in February 2017.

The campaign pitch video can be seen below.

Source: Glance Tech

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